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masterAllow un-pausing showsRagnis Armus7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-20Allow un-pausing showsHEADmasterRagnis Armus
2019-10-20Fix parsing ettv seeder countRagnis Armus
2018-05-17Verify results against show queryRagnis Armus
2018-04-15Increase search timeoutRagnis Armus
2018-04-15Aggregate searchers in parallelRagnis Armus
2018-04-14Add ETTV searcherRagnis Armus
2018-04-14Pass URL to document as stringRagnis Armus
2018-04-14Add show name to search error messageRagnis Armus
2018-04-14Pass context to searchersRagnis Armus
2018-04-08Support deferred magnet URL valuesRagnis Armus